The RainXchange® System is an ideal partner for a wide range of irrigation solutions. From basic hand-watering through a garden hose or using it in combination with a professionally designed irrigation system, the flexibility of the RainXchange® System provides a sustainable water supply solution that will meet the requirements of your next project.
Booster Pump and Plumbing Kit
Booster Pumps
A simple pumping solution that provides access to the water for general hand-watering and basic irrigation.
  • The Booster Pump is designed to increase the water pressure for basic irrigation.
  • Booster Pumps are external, non-submerged pumps
  • The Booster Pump fitting kit includes pipe and a number of fittings to plumb the system for basic irrigation supply
Booster Pump 1/4 HP (Unit Weight: 16.3 lbs.)
#30084 MSRP $479.99

Booster Pump 1/2 HP (Unit Weight: 19.6 lbs.)
#30085 MSRP $549.99

Pondless® Booster Fitting Kit (Unit Weight: 6 lbs.)
#30094 MSRP $69.99

Decorative Booster Fitting Kit (Unit Weight: 6 lbs.)
#30170 MSRP $69.99

RainXchange® Water Make-Up System
Water Make-Up System
A simple solution for adding tap-water into the RainXchange® basin during low water levels ensuring a continuous supply of water. Can be attached to an outdoor spigot or professionally plumbed into a water supply line. This design meets local codes for high hazard connections by utilizing an air-gap to direct municipal make-up water through the water storage basin. Includes: Water Feed Float Switch (also sold separately), Irrigation Valbe, 24-volt low-voltage transformer and low-voltage cable.

Plumbing not included.
(Unit Weight: 3.5 lbs.)
#30390 MSRP $99.99

Water Feed Float Switch
Water Feed Float Switch
Specially designed doser-style float switch signals an irrigation valve to open and add tap water during low water levels in the RainXchange® storage basin. Located in the lower portion of the Snorkel Vault. Requires irrigation valve, transformer, and plumbing.

(Unit Weight: 1.2 lbs.)
#30386 MSRP $39.99