Aquascape's manual series transformers feature a 6' cord and durable epoxy sealed housing. These transformers can be used with all 12 volt lighting that includes screw on quick connectors. They are a great transformer to use when manual on/off operation is desired. A remote-mount photocell can turn your transformer on at dusk and off when ambient light appears. Includes 3 feet of cord and works well with Aquascape plug-in compatible manual transformers. Quick-Connect 12 Volt Accessories integrate easily with other quick-connect 12 volt components, no need to cut wires, provide simple, waterproof, tool-free connections from transformer to lighting.

Transformers and Photocells
Transformer with Photocell Manual Transformer Photocell
60-Watt Transformer With Photocell

Includes 4, 6, 8 hour photo cell interval options.

(Unit Weight: 5 lbs.)
#99070 MSRP $69.99

150-Watt Transformer With Photocell

Includes 4, 6, 8 hour photo cell interval options, as well as manual on/off override.

(Unit Weight: 8 lbs.)
#01002 MSRP $99.99

Manual Quick-Connect 12 Volt Transformer
Simple plug-in transformers provide an economical solution for operating low voltage lighting fixtures. Transformer includes a single quick-connect cable port for adding a light. Multiple light fixtures can be added by using the 3-Way Spllitter.

6-Watt (Unit Weight: .5lbs.)
#98375 MSRP $24.99

20-Watt (Unit Weight: 1.5 lbs.)
#98485 MSRP $39.99

60-Watt (Unit Weight: 3.1 lbs.)
#98486 MSRP 49.99

12 Volt Photocell with Digital Timer
  • Repeats programmed schedule daily
  • Auto On at dusk/Off at dawn or 4-6-8 hour timer option
  • Built-in memory setting in case of power loss
  • Integrates easily with other quick-connect 12 volt components
  • 36" cord
  • Limited five-year full replacement warranty
(Unit Weight: .4 lbs.)
#84039 MSRP $24.99

Quick-Connect 12 Volt Accessories
Splitters for 12 Volt Lighting LVL Extension Cables
Splitters for 12 Volt Lighting
Provides a simple connection of 3 or 6 light fixtures to a single transformer. Multiple 3-way and 6-wasy quick connect adaptors can be chained together to attach additional fixtures.

3-Way Splitter 6" cord length
(Unit Weight: .2 lbs.)
#98489 MSRP $10.99

6-Way Splitter 36" cord length
(Unit Weight: .5 lbs)
#84022 MSRP $17.99

25' Lighting Cables w/Quick-Connects
This extension cable allows for simple extension of Aquascape lighting up to 25 feet. Ideal for use with Aquascape's manual 12 Volt transformers and 3-way splitters.
  • For use with Aquascape LED lighting system
  • No need to cut wires
  • Quick-connect system provides water-tight seal

25' LVL Extension Cable w/Quick-Connects
(Unit Weight: 1 lb.)
#98998 MSRP $16.99

25' Lighting Cable w/5 Quick-Connects
(Unit Weight: 1 lb.)
#84023 MSRP $24.99