The Waterfall Spillway is a versatile tool that can be used in a wide variety of water feature applications. It’s an ideal solution for starting waterfalls on Pondless® Waterfall systems, where, due to the absence of fish, more expensive biological filters aren't necessary. The Waterfall Spillway also enables you to build behind hardscape walls to provide a more formal waterfall design.

Stainless Steel WaterWall Spillway
WaterWall Spillway
  • Stainless steel construction for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Clog-free, open-top design reduces maintenance
  • 16" wide spillway and 1" plumbing port handles pumps up to 2,000 gallons per hour
(Unit Weight: 9 lbs.)
#58066 MSRP $199.99

WaterWall Spillway Kit
WaterWall Spillway Kit
The WaterWall Spillway Kit combines all of the required components into a convenient kit that saves you time and money.

Kit Includes:

  • 16" Stainless Steel WaterWall Spillway
  • Medium AquaBasin® with Splash Pad
  • Ultra™ Pump with Plumbing Components
  • 1-Watt 12V LED Waterfall Light
  • Compact Water Fill Valve
(Unit Weight: 40 lbs.)
58080 MSRP $569.99
WaterWall Spillway Step by Step